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Additive-forging composite manufacturing technology for process boss of aircraft slide
Sun Chaoyuan1,2, Xiong Yibo3, Liu Dejian2, Liu Yang2, Li Pengchuan2, Cheng Liwei2, Zhou Jie1
2023 Vol. 48 (2): 1-9 [ Summary][ Article]
Simulation and analysis on isothermal forging for magnesium alloy based on meshless method
Wang Jichen1, Liu Fei2, Bao Yidong1, Yin Yuting2, Shi Yuelong2
2023 Vol. 48 (2): 10-15 [ Summary][ Article]
Numerical simulation of microstructure evolution for SDP1 plastic die steel during forging process
Wang Xiaochi1,2,Zuo Pengpeng1,2,3,Wu Xiaochun1,2,3
2023 Vol. 48 (2): 16-28 [ Summary][ Article]
Finite element numerical simulation analysis and experimental research on forging-bending repeated deformation for magnesium alloys
Li Minhao1, Lu Liwei1,2, Zhang Jialong1, Fan Yutian2, Che Bo2,Ma Min2
2023 Vol. 48 (2): 52-61 [ Summary][ Article]
Research on invalidation of wrinkling evaluation indicator in stamping simulation of an automobile front door inner panel
Shen Danfeng1, Nie Xin2,Qin Chaosheng1,Li Kaiwen3,Wang Lizhu3,Chen Yina3,Wei Qingfeng3
2023 Vol. 48 (2): 68-76 [ Summary][ Article]
Development and application on integrated laser tailor welding hot forming for door ring
Chen Jiayue,Qi Xuejun,Liu Yong,Cao Weilin,Xu Mengqi
2023 Vol. 48 (2): 77-84 [ Summary][ Article]
Relationship between production stability and material properties on automobile door inner panel based on Autoform Sigma
Sun Weipeng,Sun Mingdong, Chen Weihua, Liu Yu, Liu Jizhong, Li Xingguo
2023 Vol. 48 (2): 85-93 [ Summary][ Article]
Simulation and optimization on stretch bending process for variable cross-section profile
Jin Yan, Du Jianning,Cui Li,Wang Jinquan, Wang Xinyu, Guan Zhibin
2023 Vol. 48 (2): 88-94 [ Summary][ Article]
Hydroforming process on double curvature thin-walled aluminum alloy box part
Yu Hongzhe1,2,Jiang Xiuyu3,Fan Binbin3,Wu Huadong3,Wang Lin3,Lang Lihui4,Mi Xinzheng1
2023 Vol. 48 (2): 94-101 [ Summary][ Article]
Arch effect for salix granules dense forming under different breakage degrees
Li Zhen, Sha Qianyi, Li Jinda, Guo Xinyu
2023 Vol. 48 (2): 111-117 [ Summary][ Article]
Simulation on power spinning process for TB6 titanium alloy cylindrical parts
Zhu Enrui, Cui Xia, Guo Lulu, Ouyang Delai
2023 Vol. 48 (2): 126-134 [ Summary][ Article]
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