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Forging technology optimization on high-strength steel forgings with high and narrow ribs
Sun Chaoyuan1, Liu Dejian1, Zhao Bo2, Zhao Mingjie3, Chen Lei4, Xie Jing1
2021 Vol. 46 (12): 27-35 [ Summary][ Article]
Numerical simulation on U-bending for curved chain plate based on orthogonal experiment
Wang Yongming, Li Wei, Tan Libin, Hu Jitao, Dong Shuhao
2021 Vol. 46 (12): 46-53 [ Summary][ Article]
Numerical simulation analysis and test on stamping process for automobile flow sink
Tang Shuangqing, Liu Ting,Ren Yinying
2021 Vol. 46 (12): 61-66 [ Summary][ Article]
Modification on constitutive model for rheological behavior of 6014 aluminum alloy in hot stamping
Shen Zhi1, Shi Yiqing2, Zhou Yingli3, Lu Jingdian1, Liu Jiayu1
2021 Vol. 46 (12): 67-73 [ Summary][ Article]
Accurate algorithm of multi-section layout for single rectangular part with limited sections
Tang Weiping1, Qiu Gangwei2, Zhang Juanmei3, Huang Xin2
2021 Vol. 46 (12): 74-78 [ Summary][ Article]
Springback compensation strategy on large automobile sunroof based on AUTOFORM
Kong Min1,Hu Wei2,Liu Huihui1,Yang Weihong1,Jin Ya1
2021 Vol. 46 (12): 86-91 [ Summary][ Article]
Effect of parallel roll straightening on residual stress of sheet
Xing Weirong, Kong Dewen, Zhang Hongwei
2021 Vol. 46 (12): 100-104 [ Summary][ Article]
Influence of pre-coated oil for sheet metal on forming performance of stamping parts
ang Xiuchen1, Zhen Huaxiang1, Wu He1, Zhang Qinmei1, He Jing1, Wang Qi2
2021 Vol. 46 (12): 112-116 [ Summary][ Article]
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