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Precision forming by one-step and its improvement for pie-shaped cylindrical gear
Yu Hong,Zhang Ruhua,Li Huibo,Long Qibo,Chen Jia,Wu Ze
2021 Vol. 46 (8): 1-6 [ Summary][ Article]
Influence of high strain rate multi-directional forging on microstructure and corrosion resistance property for AZ31 magnesium alloy
Deng Bin,Li Qingfen,Wu Yuanzhi,Liu Chao,Ye Tuo,Liu Wei,Ma Bin,Liu Anmin
2021 Vol. 46 (8): 7-11 [ Summary][ Article]
Influence of warm forging on microstructure and properties for 2A12 aluminum alloy forgings
Liu Hui,Cao Jinhua, Ma Zhifeng,Chen Mingwei,Cheng Liqiang,Gao Yanli,Wang Hailong
2021 Vol. 46 (8): 18-25 [ Summary][ Article]
Design on precision forging process of automobile steering knuckle and selection of forging main press
Pan Chenghai,Zeng Qi,Dong Xugang,Yu Guangzhong,Liu bo
2021 Vol. 46 (8): 26-31 [ Summary][ Article]
Forming process of super large flange forgings with Φ7.3 m for 09MnNiD low temperature steel
Li Changyi,Chen Ming,Dai Bojie,Lu Bo,Kong Yuting,Li Xue
2021 Vol. 46 (8): 32-37 [ Summary][ Article]
Blanking algorithm on circular parts with T-shaped layout considering remaining material
Chen Yan,Zhang Wei,Ning Xiaojun,Hu Xiaochun
2021 Vol. 46 (8): 38-43 [ Summary][ Article]
A springback compensation method for rubber bladder forming of flanged parts
Zhang Lingyun,Mi Xiaodong,Huang Jie,Shi Shaoqiu
2021 Vol. 46 (8): 49-54 [ Summary][ Article]
Incremental forming of round hole flanging for 6061 aluminum alloy sheet
Zhang Xing, Wang Jin, Wang Yongqiang, Wang Mengting, Wang Jun
2021 Vol. 46 (8): 55-61 [ Summary][ Article]
Numerical simulation and optimization on flange cracking of early warning device bracket for 6016-T4 aluminum alloy
Xu Haili,Lei Sheng,Jia Weixing,Fan Wentao,Chen Congsheng,Liu Yafeng
2021 Vol. 46 (8): 62-69 [ Summary][ Article]
Study on cracking in corner area of flanging for rear mounting plate of engine bracket
Li Linxin, Zhao Ping, Feng Ling, Lai Lili
2021 Vol. 46 (8): 84-89 [ Summary][ Article]
Laser strip trial die method and its application of sheet metal parts with complex boundary
Wang Li,Huang Zhaoming,Hu Liyong,Shen Chen
2021 Vol. 46 (8): 90-96 [ Summary][ Article]
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