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Research progress on key technology for precision forging machine
Ma Pengju,Lan Xiaolong,Wang Wenjie,Liu Yong,Tian Jie
2022 Vol. 47 (11): 1-15 [ Summary][ Article]
Influence of repair effect for internal porosity defects on fatigue performance of heavy forgings
Liu Qianjun, Qiu Yao, Xin Ruishan, Luo Jianbin, Ma Qingxian
2022 Vol. 47 (11): 16-21 [ Summary][ Article]
Die forging technology for sliding fork
Cheng Junwei, Chang Shichao,Liu Qiyong, Chen Xile, Guo Yanjun
2022 Vol. 47 (11): 22-27 [ Summary][ Article]
Influence of forming process on microstructure and properties of fiexspline for harmonic reducer
Wang Yang, Shao Zhuhao, Gao Mingyan, Yang Guoqiang, Zhang Chaolei
2022 Vol. 47 (11): 36-41 [ Summary][ Article]
Drawing and retract hole forming technology for DN1800 overall pipe mould
Guo Ruitao,Hu Zhenzhi,Jin Ming,Yu Baoning,Li Chunhui,Guo Weidong,Yang Gehui
2022 Vol. 47 (11): 70-77 [ Summary][ Article]
Influence law of different edge on forming quality of progressive deep drawing for micro motor shell
Huang Zhenyuan, Chen Jingmao, Wei Wanzhu, Xie Jiana, Chen Minsheng
2022 Vol. 47 (11): 95-100 [ Summary][ Article]
Prediction and control on stamping multi-process precision transfer for exhaust tail pipe based on GRA-RSM
Dong Xiang,Song Yanli,Shen Haibo,Lu Jue,Li Weihao
2022 Vol. 47 (11): 101-108 [ Summary][ Article]
Cause analysis and control on flatness out of tolerance for electronic shield bracket
Zhang Jinliang,Cao Jianguo,Shao Changwei,Du Lei,Wu Huan,Dai Xiandong
2022 Vol. 47 (11): 109-115 [ Summary][ Article]
Precision forming and parameter optimization for aircraft inner skin part with variable curvature
Li Xiaojun,Men Xiangnan,Bi Silong,Xie Yanmin,Du Lingfeng,Deng Tao,Zhou Xiong
2022 Vol. 47 (11): 116-122 [ Summary][ Article]
Research on structural parameters of deep drawing process for cartridge case based on FEM
Zou Yu,Wang Mingchuan,Chen Cai,Du Zhonghua,Zhao Jinku,Zhao Yufeng
2022 Vol. 47 (11): 123-129 [ Summary][ Article]
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