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Forging process for N-containing CoCrMo alloy
Wang Lei, Gu Huaizhang, Sun Yuelai, Deng Jun, Ma Buyang
2022 Vol. 47 (5): 1-4 [ Summary][ Article]
Influence of multi-directional die forging passes on microstructure and properties for Al-5Mg-0.3Mn alloy at room temperature
Zeng Chongyang, Huang Hongfeng, Chen Yuan, Jiang Mai, Wei Lili, Liu Shuhui
2022 Vol. 47 (5): 5-11 [ Summary][ Article]
Precision roll forging process of axle for rail transit
Yang Yong, Chen Xianglong, Zhang Bincheng, Sun Yue, Hou Huimin, Sun Guoqiang, Wang Xingye
2022 Vol. 47 (5): 33-37 [ Summary][ Article]
Analysis on wear failure of warm forging die for gear
Zhang Jifang, Jin Huijie, Xu Yingruo
2022 Vol. 47 (5): 38-44 [ Summary][ Article]
Application of hot drawing process in thin-walled flange
Wang Jinpeng, Dang En, Yang Yongqiang, Guan Zhen, Chen Xiaoqing, Kang Haipeng, Wang Pinghuai, Li Chao
2022 Vol. 47 (5): 45-51 [ Summary][ Article]
Influence of duplex microstructure characteristic for TA15 titanium alloy on ultrasonic flaw detect
Wang Zhe, Ran Xing, Zhai Jiangbo, Feng Xiaoyan,Zhang Shuai,Cai Song
2022 Vol. 47 (5): 52-56 [ Summary][ Article]
Simulation and optimization on hot upsetting of titanium alloy countersunk head bolts with stepped gear grooves
Zhang Xiaobin, Wu Ang, Shan Longlong, Wu Linlang, Yang Zhishuo, Lin Lei, Gao Chang,Xu Hao, Liu Sicheng
2022 Vol. 47 (5): 57-64 [ Summary][ Article]
Improvement of forging billet for Ti60 titanium alloy blisk
Xia Chunlin, Ye Junqing, Li Rudong, Wei Ke,Wang Haiju
2022 Vol. 47 (5): 65-72 [ Summary][ Article]
Simulation analysis and experimental study on forming of wide and thick plate P20 plastics mold steels
Zhao Jianguo,Hu Zhenzhi ,Wang Yuchang,Li Chunhui,Jin Ming,Guo Weidong,Yang Gehui
2022 Vol. 47 (5): 73-80 [ Summary][ Article]
Influence of yield strength on leveling for high-strength plate
Zhong Xiang, Wu Kai, Sun Yu, Zhang Hongwei, Fu Weiai, Kong Dewen
2022 Vol. 47 (5): 89-95 [ Summary][ Article]
Study on forming efficiency of electromagnetic flanging for double-sheet
Qiu Li, Liu Hongchi, Jiang Chenfei, Luo Baoni, Li Zhi
2022 Vol. 47 (5): 96-102 [ Summary][ Article]
Numerical simulation and improvement measures on stamping defects for automobile side-frame outer panel
Ren Chuang, Pan Yuan′an, Su Chuanyi, Xiao Bing, Gao Wenqiang
2022 Vol. 47 (5): 103-109 [ Summary][ Article]
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